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It takes more than capital to start a movement
As one of the best FinTech venture capital firms in the US and Israel, we help companies navigate and conquer uncharted territory in FinTech and beyond.

A team all hard at work to successfully launch their business.
About Us: Fintech VC Funding in the USA and Israel
It takes a community to raise a startup, but it takes a company like ours to raise it right and nurture it toward prosperity.

Company Capital isn’t like other FinTech venture capital firms. FinTech is different, and so are we. We’re proud to be a different kind of partner.

As the first 100% female-founded FinTech fund, our team utilizes our collective and extensive industry experience to provide a unique perspective on FinTech and tailored solutions that will catapult you and your company to a new stratosphere of success.

We couple ambitious founders with supportive communities to provide you with the support you need when you need it. More importantly, we trust the visionary founders we partner with to build exceptional businesses. That’s why we invested in the first place.

As early-stage investors, we go to great lengths to establish close relationships with incumbents. This relationship-building enables us to understand you, your company, and your goals so we can nurture your business and help you achieve your ambitions on your terms.

This cultivation of close relationships with founders and incumbents is a proven accelerator for:

  • Developing and building winning products
  • Achieving product-market fit
  • Driving rapid customer adoption

At Company Capital, we provide more than capital. We provide community and vital support to help you achieve your dreams. Founding a company can be an alienating journey; we will be with you every step of the way, guiding you to success.

We offer results-driven solutions that have enabled us to land over 100 revenue-generating partnerships with portfolio companies. We are proud to invest in enduring technology companies that have changed and redefined innumerable lives and industries. We invest in:

  • FinTech
  • Commerce
  • Enabling infrastructure
  • Seed – Series B
  • US & Israel focused companies

We operate with a unique set of principles designed to accelerate success. Our core guiding principles are:

1. A Partnership-driven approach to FinTech in FinTech: We emphasize a collaborative approach with clients that focuses on building early relationships with incumbents as an accelerant for developing winning products, achieving product-market fits, and driving rapid customer adoption. We deliver specialized, tailored product and partnership support to our FinTech founders because we believe our role is to help them bring their vision to life expeditiously. More than just a friendly introduction and warm welcome, we’ve landed over 100 revenue-generating partnerships for our portfolio companies thanks to the extensive network of financial services executives we have at our disposal. Contact us to be your business development and investment team.

2. Portfolio & sector focus: We are actively building a concentrated portfolio of high-conviction partnerships in FinTech, commerce, and enabling infrastructure. We only partner with businesses we can meaningfully support, and we provide industry-specific support to each client with whom we partner. Afterward, we roll up our sleeves and do the work. While this means we can’t partner with everyone, those we partner with exceed their expectations and crush their goals.

3. A team-based approach: The sum of our experiences is greater than the parts that compose our team. This understanding is why we make each investment as a team, and we support every portfolio company as a team, too. You will have a lead partner for ease of contact, but our partnership will be an extension of your team, and you will discover that our insights and resources are invaluable assets at your disposal.

With Company Capital, you are in esteemed company. If FinTech feels like a new frontier, we’re here to help you enter and conquer it.

What incumbents and founders say about the Company Capital experience